I Help Women in Menopause Decide About HRT

"We have been misled about menopause." The New York Times Magazine 2/5/23
I'm here to empower women with the truth about hormones that's been withheld for over 2 decades. The Menopause Solution provides education, empathy, and expertise to help you make an informed decision and move confidently toward feeling like yourself again . . .

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The Menopause Solution: Understand the Root Problem Underneath Menopause Symptoms and the Safest, Most Effective Treatments

What Does A Man Know About Menopause?

Steve Goldring is a man with a passion . . . He's passionate about helping both women and men achieve "just right" hormone levels to maximize their long-term health. As a compounding pharmacist, Steve has helped thousands of women in menopause feel more confident about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Steve's superpower is that he can teach a complex subject like hormones so simply that anyone can understand, even without a science or medical background.

What Healthcare Providers and Patients Say . . .

Robert Morgan, APRN Humble, TX

As you know, I send people every day to the Simple Hormones website. My patients love it and I get great feedback on your presentations. I cannot speak highly enough of you. Thank you for everything that you do and I value your service and try to promote you to every clinician I know.


Kala DeHaan Hill Nurse Practitioner

Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure working with you on this! Your videos are incredibly helpful :). You are great at what you do!

kala dehaan-hill, np plano, tx


So far the best explanation from someone qualified, far more simple and easy to digest than all of the other MD/menopause "experts” videos I’ve watched.. thanks for enlightening us!



This is video number two of yours that brought me to tears, your understanding and acknowledgement of how hormonal imbalance and/or mental decline has changed us and our lives means so much. It builds trust and confidence. Thank you.



THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Where were you 12 years ago? (smile) I was one of those people who thought HRT is BAD BAD BAD - I fought it - for 7 years



Thank you so much for your videos. I have come to understand perimenopause and menopause so much better now.



The Menopause Solution:
Make Your Decision About HRT

Comprehensive digital course empowers women to understand the root causes of menopause symptoms and discover the safest and most effective treatments.