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Clear & Simple Video Content Makes Patient Education Easier

Introducing the first and only video-based online patient education service that helps you . . .

  • provide patients with easy-to-understand bullet points on why the way you do BHRT is right for them, why it is safe, and why they should trust you (as a Worldlink-trained specialist) more than they trust their “other doctor”
  • overcome patients’ fear of the perceived risk of hormones since they’ve been frightened to death by lay media and even more so by other medical care providers who do not know the truth about hormone optimization with BHRT
  • educate the lay person about the positive long-term benefits of BHRT
  • share adequate, clear & concise educational information in an office visit – even when your time is limited
  • give patients clear, concise explanations regarding risks and benefits of optimal hormones, including breast cancer, but also cardiovascular and cognitive issues, debunking the stories they have heard from other doctors and online

Simple Hormones is specifically designed to help you, as a hormone optimization specialist, to educate your patients about hormones.