Healthcare Practitioners:
Teach patients hormone optimization

. . . with less time, effort, repetition, and frustration

Simple Hormones 2.0 video programs . . .

  • save 1 full hour for each new patient
  • reiterate long-term optimal hormone benefits
  • relieve patient fears
  • reduce primary care physician pushback 
  • recruit and screen new patients
  • reinforce patient education 24/7/365
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What's your biggest patient education challenge?

Push Back From Colleagues?

How does it feel when you meet patients for the 1st time and learn that their primary care doctor has been telling them that “hormones are dangerous” and that they shouldn’t take them?

  • Have colleagues told your patients estrogen and progesterone cause heart attacks and strokes, even though they can’t provide any data that supports what they’re saying?
  • Have patients been frightened to death by providers who don’t know the truth about hormones?
  • Is uninformed doctors‘ presumed knowledge about hormones instilling fear in your patients?
  • Have you had patients come to you, saying . . . “My regular doctor says I shouldn’t even be taking hormones and that you’re going to kill me!?"

Do Patients Understand Benefits?

Do your patients recognize all the benefits of hormones, beyond symptom relief?

  • Do your female patients recognize that menopause is more than just hot flashes?
  • Do female patients get that hormones should be taken for life, not just 10 years post-menopause?
  • Do men that come to see you worry that testosterone increases risks of MI and prostate cancer?
  • Is it a struggle to to educate the lay person about the positive long term benefits of BHRT?

Do Patients Fear Hormones?

Do patient fears prevent them from ever receiving the benefits of optimal hormones?

It’s the “pink elephant in the room” – women fear breast cancer more than any other risk.

In your practice, do you . . .

  • see women who have heard for years that hormones are deadly?
  • wonder about prospective patients who never make an appointment because of cancer fears?
  • tire of talking about how oral estradiol doesn’t increase heart attack, stroke, blood clots?
  • find yourself re-hashing the Women’s Health Initiative study with each new patient?
  • hear men say they’ve always heard that “testosterone causes blood clots?”

How Much Time Do You Spend?

    Teaching patients about hormones can be rewarding . . . and time-consuming.
  • Do you have the time to sit with each patient, explaining hormone optimization in detail?
  • Do you ever just get sick & tired of having to say the same thing over & over again?
  • Are you able to share adequate educational information in an office visit?

Hard to Find Hormone Content?

Ever felt the need to make short videos to address hormone concerns? If you’re like most providers, you just don’t have the time to make these and figure out a way to make them accessible to patients.
  • Have you had to deal with confusion about “estrogen,” Premarin®, and estradiol?
  • Do patients grasp “normal” versus “optimal” hormone levels?
  • Do patients understand the difference between progesterone vs. progestin?
  • Who Can You Trust?

    Are you doing all your patient education yourself or do you have someone on your staff that helps get patients up to speed?
    • Are your MAs prepared to answer every question patients ask?
    • Do staff members understand all the long-term benefits and risks of bioidentical hormones?
    • How difficult is it to train new employees?
    • Does your staff teach consistent, standardized topics you want patients to understand?

    Simple Hormones 2.0

    Solves All Your Patient Education Challenges

    It's like a dedicated, experienced patient education specialist on your staff!

    Simple Hormones 2.0 is like having a dedicated patient education specialist with decades of experience on your staff. The easy-to-use online video subscription, created by a hormone pharmacist, reinforces what you teach patients about hormones. Clear and simple video tutorials for men and women relieve patient fears, reassuring them about the long-term health benefits of just right hormone levels. Simple Hormones answers the general questions patients ask over and over again so you can focus on their specific health concerns. Patients watching video on their own saves time for both you and your staff. Simple Hormones offers patients a better understanding of what you're trying to accomplish, reducing the pushback you get from their "other doctor." Clear, concise educational video moves patients from "I'm not sure" to "When can I come see you?"

    Here’s What You’ll Get With Simple Hormones

    Patient Access On Any Device 24/7/365

    When you subscribe to Simple Hormones, you'll get unlimited access to 5 core video courses for both male and female patients. You'll get a patient portal with a unique web address (url). You or your staff can give this patient portal address to patients in person, by email, on paper, or you can put a link on your website. It takes a few days to set up your portal, but you can start sending patients through the material as soon as you receive your link. Patients choose which specific course fits their situation and watch the video modules as many times as they want, at their own pace and on any device. Chat available 9AM-5PM Mountain time Monday through Friday.

    Simple Hormones for Perimenopause

    (Coming Soon!) Help women struggling with hormone-related symptoms to understand optimal estradiol and progesterone levels

    Simple Hormones for Men

    Men gain weight, lose energy, motivation, strength, and libido after 50. Optimal testosterone helps men get their lives back.

    Simple Hormones for Menopause

    The root problem in menopause isn't hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or weight gain. It's the loss of hormones - especially estradiol and progesterone.

    Simple Hormones for PCOS

    (Now Available!) Help women struggling with PCOS understand the impact of insulin resistance, diet, and hormones on menstruation, weight gain, and fertility.

    T-H-Y-R-O-I-D: It's That Simple

    Low thyroid causes life-changing symptoms and increases risks for insulin resistance, depression, sexual dysfunction, and heart disease.

    Here’s what hormone optimization practitioners
    are saying about Simple Hormones

    Kim Weaver, MD

    Weaver Clinics,
    Moore, OK

    Signing up patients daily

    We are signing up patients daily!! We are excited about using Simple Hormones!!! (Note: Dr. Weaver's clinics consistently send more patients through Simple Hormones than any other subscriber, sometimes several hundred in a single month)

    Charles Wispert, PA

    Live Healthy MD,

    Augusta, GA

    I'd recommend Simple Hormones for anybody . . . and it's a bargain

    I would definitely recommend Simple Hormones. It's cut my time back. It's actually made it easier for me to get clients. When they call, I send them to that and they're blown away . . . 'cause everything that they've heard . . . It helps bring them closer to getting healthier because it eases their mind and it answers a lot of questions. I'd recommend it for anybody and it's a bargain,

    Herman Pang, MD

    Entebella Medical,

    Peoria, AZ

    It's a win-win for us

    The patients are really enjoying the videos and it is a win win for us as we spend less time in the room with them when going over their lab work.

    Simple Hormones and Telemedicine

    The perfect companion to virtual office visits

    Simple Hormones is the perfect companion to time-limited telemedicine appointments. Message or email your patient portal link and spend a lot less time in your virtual office visit explaining general hormone concepts.

    Simple Hormones 2.0 Program Content

    Multiple courses address the needs of men and women at all stages of life


    Simple Hormones for Menopause

    Menopause is a confusing and frustrating time for women. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, painful intimacy, and weight gain are just a few of the life-changing symptoms women suffer. This course is infused with empathy for suffering women. With a total of 18 video lessons, the course covers topics like (click highlighted titles for video previews):


    Simple Hormones for Men

    As we age, men start losing everything except weight - muscle strength, energy, motivation, libido, and erections. This course addresses the unique issues men face as they approach 45 or 50. Included among the 13 topics covered:


    Simple Hormones for Perimenopause (Coming Soon!)

    Wildly fluctuating estradiol levels and declining progesterone contribute to perimenopause being called "no man's land." As a hormone optimization specialist, you know that these women present some of the most complicated and difficult cases.

    This course focuses on helping perimenopausal women see the big picture about:

    • Estrogen dominance and the counterbalancing role of bioidentical progesterone
    • Which symptoms are caused by which hormone deficiency or excess
    • Lifestyle and nutritional approaches to help reduce symptoms
    • Menstrual irregularity - bleeding too much, not enough, or not at all
    • The power of progesterone to relieve symptoms and protect the uterus and breast


    Simple Hormones for PCOS (Now Available!)

    Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition which afflicts millions of women. Some providers assume all women have PCOS until it's been ruled out. This course helps women with PCOS understand and cope with the major causes and symptoms of PCOS by explaining these topics and others:


    T-H-Y-R-O-I-D: It's That Simple (Now Available!)

    Low thyroid levels cause major symptoms and increase long-term health risks. Mainstream medicine often doesn't take thyroid problems seriously enough. This course helps patients understand why thyroid levels are so important and what to look for in a thyroid optimization specialist. Here are some of the thyroid topics covered:


    But That's Not All!

    Subscribe now and receive valuable bonuses at no additional charge

    Bonus 1
    100 Patient Portal Cards
    (limited-time offer)

    The simplest way to introduce your patients to your Simple Hormones patient portal? Hand them a business card while they're in your office. To get you started, we're providing you with

    • 100 Simple Hormones QR cards
    • unique patient portal web address
    • practice logo (if you have one)

    Patients point their smartphone camera at the QR Code and the patient portal pops up.

    Business Card patient education portal

    QR Code Cards $25 value

    Bonus Program 2
    5-Minute Action Steps to a

    Mainstream medicine has failed to offer effective treatments in the epidemic of cognitive decline. Emerging evidence from Alzheimer's research shows that:

    • optimal hormones
    • low-carbohydrates
    • high healthy fats
    • intermittent fasting
    • regular exercise
    • proper sleep
    • targeted supplements

    can prevent and even reverse cognitive decline. This bonus course focuses on actionable lifestyle changes that protect patients' brains for the long-term. As a Simple Hormones subscriber, you'll get early access to these 22 short videos at no extra charge.

    Action Steps to a

    (patient cost $87 to $147)

    Bonus program 3
    Simple Hormones for
    Insulin Resistance

    I'm excited to announce a new partnership with InsulinIQ, an amazing startup company focused on patients with insulin resistance. InsulinIQ was founded by insulin resistance speaker and author, Dr. Benjamin Bikman. Dr Bikman and his team help patients grasp and take action on simple, practical strategies to reduce insulin resistance and prevent or even reverse diabetes:

    • What causes insulin resistance?
    • Fighting insulin resistance through nutrition
    • Which foods should I eat?
    • The mindset for sustainable success

    Simple Hormones for Insulin Resistance includes access to a low-cost, patient-paid insulin resistance health coaching program.

    Your Patient Education Pharmacist,
    Steve Goldring, R.Ph.

    Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist, has dedicated his life to helping men and women understand and embrace the nuts and bolts of hormone optimization. He's been a compounding pharmacist for over 2 decades and has spent thousands of hours counseling patients about how to get the most from bioidentical hormones. He's earned an Advanced BHRT Certification from Worldlink Medical, a C4 HRT Specialist Certification from Professional Compounding Centers of America, and a Brain Health Coach certification from Amen Clinics.

    Steve looks forward to helping you educate your patients through Simple Hormones.

    Steve Goldring Hormone Pharmacist Simple Hormones patient education specialist
    Steve Goldring Hormone Pharmacist Black Polo

    Experience and Expertise - At Your Service

    These Providers All Educate Their Patients With Simple Hormones

    Joseph Albano, MD

    Albano Clinic,

    Cottonwood Heights, UT

    Very well done!

    I saw the brochures that you sent over and watched the video. Thanks so much for doing the video and making the website! They are very well done! (And I would expect nothing less from you!)

    Tracey Filley, PMHNP

    Portland Integrative Psychiatry,

    Lake Oswego, OR

    You need to be here next year!

    Just gave Simple Hormones a shout out at the IMMH (Integrative Medicine for Mental Health) conference. I told everyone how awesome you are and how the website is super helpful. Hopefully you get 100 more subscriptions! You need to be here next year!

    Robert Morgan, APRN

    Kingwood Wellness,

    Humble, TX

    I cannot speak highly enough of you.

    As you know, I send people every day to the Simple Hormones website. My patients love it and I get great feedback on your presentations. I cannot speak highly enough of you. Thank you for everything that you do and I value your service and try to promote you to every clinician I know.

    Simple Hormones Saves You Time and Money

    Patient Education Investment Pays For Itself!

    Save 1 Full Hour With Each New Patient

    Charlie Wispert, PA, from Augusta, GA, told me that Simple Hormones saves him 1 full hour in educating his new patients. Dr. Herman Pang in Peoria, AZ says he's able to spend less time going over the basics and can get right down to more important topics.

    If you see 5-10 new patients a week, the hours you save can really add up. Even if you’re having a medical assistant help out with patient education, it can take them away from other important tasks.

    Simple Hormones Could Save You $5200/year or More

    If you see just 5 new patients each week and you pay an MA $20 an hour, Simple Hormones could save you $5200 a year. Multiply that savings by 5X or 10X if you do all the teaching yourself.

    How much is an hour of your time worth?

    $100? $200? What would your life be like if you had an extra 5-10 hours each week to bring in more clients or spend more time with your family?

    Hiring a Patient Education Specialist Is Expensive

    If you really did hire a dedicated patient education specialist to work in your office, it would be pretty expensive:

    • $50,000 to $60,000 in salary minimum (2-3X that for an experienced pharmacist)
    • $10,000+ in benefits - vacation, health/dental insurance, 401K, etc.
    • Interviewing, orientation, training, scheduling, human resources stuff
    • Finding the right person might not be so easy

    The Simple Hormones Advantage

    Simple Hormones has a lot of the benefits of a dedicated patient education specialist at a tiny fraction of the cost. Right now you can subscribe to the program at the lowest rate I have ever offered - less than 1/2 of 1% of that $60K+ cost of hiring somebody. You’ll be locked into that rate for as long as you stay subscribed. 

    Simple Hormones . . .

    • teaches patients on their own time, at no further cost to you
    • answers questions patients ask over and over again, so you and your staff don’t have to
    • is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    • never complains, asks for days off, requests vacation, calls in sick, or takes breaks
    • never has disputes with other employees, feels taken advantage of, or shows up late for work

    Busy practice? Simple Hormones can help even more!

    If you see over 100 new patients every month, like Dr. Kim Weaver in Moore, OK, the time and labor cost savings from Simple Hormones could be even more dramatic. Imagine what your life might be like if you had 10, 20, or more extra staff hours in a week?

    Subscribing to Simple Hormones 2.0 ("hiring a patient education pharmacist," if you will) is a small investment in yourself and your practice that pays for itself many times over.

    simple hormones 2.0 annual Subscription
    60-day free trial

    Your Own Dedicated Patient Education Pharmacist


    497 397/yr*

    • $100 off regular rate* after conclusion of trial
    • Limited time offer*
    • Unlimited Patient Access
    • Watch Video On Any Device
    • Patient Access 24/7/365
    • Unlimited Video Viewing
    • Chat with Instructor 9-5 M-F
    • Automatically Billed Yearly
    • PCI-compliant billing
    • Bonuses included at no charge

    *Limited time offer. Regular annual rate applies after offer deadline.
    Bonuses may not be available.

    100% Satisfaction

    Guarantee for 60-Days

    If you're just not sure whether Simple Hormones is right for your practice, I completely understand. I want you to be 100% satisfied with the program and the education your patients receive. That's why I'm currently offering a 60-day free trial. If you're not satisfied with your subscription, just let me know within the first 60 days and I'll cancel it.

    Don’t wait! These hormone optimization providers are glad they subscribed to Simple Hormones

    Charles Wispert, PA

    Live Healthy MD, Augusta, GA

    "OK. I saw the videos. When can I come see you?"

    I will have patients see the videos, men and females . . . and they’re going, “OK, I saw the video. When can I come see you?”

    Karl Lambert, NP

    RediMedi Direct Primary Care,

    Wenatchee, WA

    Patients love being able to review the videos

    Patients have loved being able to review the videos. Even the ones that come in to me, we might review it together. We look at the labs and it's like the pieces come together for them.

    Kala DeHaan-Hill, FNP

    Pink Link Medical,

    Plano, TX

    Your videos are incredibly helpful!

    Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure working with you on this! Your videos are incredibly helpful :). You are great at what you do!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this through Worldlink membership? 

    Who is Simple Hormones 2.0 for?

    How can I watch the videos for myself? 

    Do my patients become your patients? 

    How can my patients watch the videos?

    Can my portal look like my website? 

    What's the cost to the patient? 

    How do I share my link with patients? 

    Are videos available on a smartphone? 

    Can I link to my portal on my website? 

    Do you offer brochures or handouts? 

    Can I post videos on Facebook? 

    simple hormones 2.0 annual Subscription
    60-day free trial

    Your Own Dedicated Patient Education Pharmacist


    497 397/yr*

    • $100 off regular yearly rate* after conclusion of trial
    • Limited time offer*
    • Unlimited Patient Access
    • Watch Video On Any Device
    • Patient Access 24/7/365
    • Unlimited Video Viewing
    • Chat with Instructor 9-5 M-F
    • Automatically Billed Yearly
    • PCI-compliant billing
    • Bonuses included at no charge

    *Limited time offer. Regular annual rate applies after offer deadline.
    Bonuses may not be available.

    A personal note from Steve

    Thanks so much for considering an upgrade to your patient education. I'm excited to start reassuring your patients and reinforcing your patient education message with Simple Hormones 2.0. I'm also looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you that helps more and more patients experience the life-changing benefits of just right hormone levels.

    I can't wait to serve both you and your patients! Click the button that says "Let's Get Started"!

    Steve Goldring Hormone Pharmacist signature worldlink medical

    Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist