Getting Pushback From Other Providers
About Optimizing Patients’ Hormones?

How does it feel when you meet patients for the 1st time and learn that their primary care doctor has been telling them that hormones are dangerous and that they shouldn’t take them?

  • Have doctors told your patients estrogen and progesterone cause heart attacks and strokes, even though they can’t provide any data that supports what they’re saying?
  • Have patients been frightened to death by providers who don’t know the truth about hormones?
  • Is uninformed doctors presumed knowledge about hormones instilling fear in your patients?

The videos in Simple Hormones help your patients trust your expertise and realize that not all providers have the depth of understanding, knowledge, and experience that you have about the benefits and risks of optimal hormones.

When patients trust you, you’ll get fewer confrontational calls from colleagues who don’t understand hormone optimization.

Click the blue button on this page to start providing your patients with access to clear videos that increase their trust in you.

Introducing Simple Hormones

Video Patient Education For
Men & Women



Build Patient Trust In
Your Hormone Expertise

Clear & Simple Video Content Makes Patient Education Easier

Introducing the first and only video-based online patient education service that helps you . . .

. . . boost patient trust in you as their hormone specialist
. . . increase patient confidence that hormone optimization reduces their risks
. . . reduce the confusion that patients have gotten from “Dr. Google
. . . provide deeper understanding about the long-term benefits of optimal hormones
. . . save time in hormone education – up to 1 hour per patient

Here’s how it works . . .

  1. You pay a low subscription fee for patient access
  2. You complete a quick 3-step enrollment process (takes less than 30 seconds)
  3. You give your unique program access link to your patient (at no cost to them)
  4. The patient watches the easy-to-understand videos
  5. Patient reports back to you at their next visit (after completing the program)

Subscribe now to get your patients on the same page with you before their next appointment.

Sample Women's Video


Sample Men's Video


What Your Colleagues Are Saying About Simple Hormones

Provide Simple Hormones At The Click Of A Mouse

If you’re ready to get patients started watching clear & simple hormone videos, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Click one of the blue buttons on this page and fill out the subscription form – takes 30 seconds
  2. Receive a unique link to your custom Simple Hormones patient portal to give to your patients – either directly or through your website or via email
  3. Your patients go to the link, log in, and can start watching the videos right away

It’s that easy to get patients on the same page with you about hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients get access to the videos immediately after they’ve enrolled. The viewer decides when to start and when to finish. Patients can watch the videos as many times as they like, on any device, at any location, and at any time, 24/7/365.

Simple Hormones is for practitioners who know hormones and want to provide accurate and simple hormone education to their patients. Over 100 Worldlink Medical trained providers have “test driven” the program and had overwhelmingly positive feedback. It addresses several concerns you mentioned in response to a recent survey. It’s designed to reflect the hormone optimization point of view taught at Worldlink Medical’s accredited CME courses.

No. I provide this material for information and educational use only. I am not entering into a patient-practitioner relationship with anyone who enrolls in my programs. If you refer someone to enroll in my courses, I have no idea if they are a patient of yours, are considering becoming a patient, or are simply a friend you’ve sent my way. I will view any person who enrolls in my courses as a “student.” I’ll keep their information private, but I won’t be in possession of any protected health information under HIPAA.

Once your subscription has been processed (usually within 24-48 hours), I’ll send you an email with your unique program link. You provide the link to your patient, either directly or through a link on your website. The link leads them to a landing page that’s specific for your subscription. Step-by-step video and written instructions show your patient how to enroll and start watching the video material.

Yes. You can view the material on any device (iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.) at any time. The program is designed to work with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

The patient pays nothing. Your yearly provider subscription covers the cost of the patient education material. (Note – in the past, this material has been available directly to patients at $47.)

Your Simple Hormones Instructor

I’m Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist. My 25 years working in a compounding pharmacy has led me to dedicate my life to helping men and women understand and embrace optimal hormones. I help patients gain confidence and feel more comfortable with hormones for symptom relief and optimal health.

For over a decade, I’ve been closely involved with Worldlink Medical. That’s a community of thousands of healthcare providers who are passionate about optimizing hormones for both men and women.

I’ve earned an Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Certification from Worldlink. Worldlink-trained practitioners are partnering with me to help their patients understand the critical role hormones play in health and wellness.

In addition to my Worldlink ABHRT certification, I’ve earned the C4 HRT Specialist certification from Professional Compounding Centers of America. This certification helps me understand multiple points of view about the use of bioidentical hormones.