Teaching patients about optimal hormones can be fulfilling AND frustrating . . .

7 FREE patient education tools can help make your job easier . . .

Free resource bundle includes . . .

Videos for Patients

Videos to share with patients about hormone topics like menopause, PCOS, low-t, low thyroid, Alzheimer's, etc.

Menopause Blueprints®

Simplified printable .pdf handouts explain the root problems underneath the most common menopause symptoms


Simplified diagrams explain reproductive cycles: normal and cycles disrupted by low thyroid, high insulin, high testosterone, anovulation

PubMed® Bibliography

Hundreds of references from my public PubMed bibliography for providers to dive deep into the medical literature

Top 10 Articles Lists

Printable .pdf handouts with the 10 most important articles on menopause + low-T to share with patients or colleagues

Symptom Checklist

Symptoms checklist handout helps women realize they're not alone and that there's hope for their perimenopause symptoms

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Marsha Nunley, MD San Antonio, TX San Francisco, CA

Marsha Nunley, MD

san antonio, tx

Your videos are great. I am always recommending books to my patients but most don't follow through. Can I send your videos out to my patients? Thank you for your work.

Lisa Grissim, FNP Brentwood, TN

Lisa Grissim, NP


I have had three new patients in the past three weeks that found me thru you! Thank you! 

Joanne Hillary, ND


I’ve just spent about 30 min playing with [Simple Hormones]. WE ARE THRILLED with everything we’ve seen so far!!!!!!! You have the approach just right - simple explanations that make sense, without “dumbing it down.” Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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