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Simple Hormones for Menopause Sample Video


Simple Hormones for Men Sample Video


Relieve Patients' Fear

The video modules in Simple Hormones for Menopause help women recognize that the Women's Health Initiative was not the last word on hormones. Simple Hormones reduces fear and helps men and women to understand and embrace optimization of all their hormones.

Clear & Simple Education

Simple Hormones helps clear up the confusion patients face. Provide easy-to-use, concise education about how hormone optimization eliminates symptoms and reduces long-term risk for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, endometrial cancer, and even breast cancer.

Patients Trust An Expert

You know how safe and effective optimal hormones are for women and men. Simple Hormones helps patients understand that not all providers have the extensive hormone training, experience, and expertise you have, boosting patient trust in your hormone optimization expertise.


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