Simple Hormones for Menopause

Use Online Video To Teach Patients About Optimal Hormones

Clear & Simple Video Content
Makes Patient Education Easier

Introducing the first and only video-based online patient education service that helps you . . .

. . . reduce the confusion that patients have gotten from “Dr. Google
. . . boost patient confidence that getting their hormones optimized reduces their risks
. . . provide deeper understanding about the long-term benefits of optimal hormones
. . . boost patient trust in you as their hormone optimization specialist
. . . save time in hormone education – up to 1 hour per patient


Here’s how it works . . .

  1. You pay a low subscription fee for patient access
  2. You complete a quick 3-step enrollment process (takes less than 30 seconds)
  3. You give your unique program access link to your patient (at no cost to her)
  4. She watches about an hour of easy-to-understand videos (click here to preview them)
  5. She reports back to you at her next visit (after completing the program)

Subscribe now to get your patients on the same page with you before their next appointment.

Have you had patients come to you saying . . .

“My regular doctor says I shouldn’t even be taking hormones
and that
you’re going to KILL me!”?

Getting pushback from other doctors?

How does it feel when you meet patients for the 1st time and learn that their primary care doctor has been telling them that hormones are dangerous and that they shouldn’t take them?

  • Have doctors told your patients estrogen and progesterone cause heart attacks and strokes, even though they can’t provide any data that supports what they’re saying?
  • Have patients been frightened to death by providers who don’t know the truth about hormones?
  • Is uninformed doctors presumed knowledge about hormones instilling fear in your patients?

The videos in Simple Hormones help your patients trust your expertise and realize that not all providers have the depth of understanding, knowledge, and experience that you have about the benefits and risks of optimal hormones. When patients trust you, you’ll get fewer confrontational calls from colleagues who don’t understand hormone optimization.

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