Need more patients?

I receive 3-5 new patient referral requests every single day, mainly through my YouTube videos. I'd love to direct those referrals to a trained, experienced practitioner like you.

Apply to join my Hormone Provider Database:

How The Database Works

Applying to have your practice information on my hormone provider database makes it easier for me to match you up with patients who need your help.


Enter your name and email. Click the "Apply Now" link above, fill out the application on the next page and I'll look it over


If I think your practice is a good fit for the type of patients who ask for referrals, I'll include your practice information in my provider database


Once I receive a patient referral request near you, I'll forward your practice and contact information to the patient and leave the rest up to them


I can't guarantee I'll have referral requests from patients near you . . . but I'll give it my best shot