Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist

Who Am I?
I’m Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist. I’ve been talking with both men and women about hormones for the past 25 years. I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot of confusion and fear surrounding hormones. I’m dedicating my life to helping clear up that confusion and relieving fear so that men and women can experience the benefits of optimal hormones. These benefits include relief of most or all major symptoms, along with a dramatic reduction in long-term health risks.

Worldlink Medical
For over a decade, I’ve been working with Worldlink Medical, a community of thousands of healthcare professionals who are passionate about optimizing hormones for both men and women.

I’m partnering with these healthcare providers to provide Simple Hormones, a unique online learning program. It helps women understand the critical role hormones play in menopause and health. It also helps providers educate their patients more effectively in less time.

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