Are you one of 1 BILLION women suffering from menopause symptoms?

But you're confused, uncertain, or just plain scared of hormone replacement therapy . . .

Digital course helps you make an informed menopause HRT decision

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Hormone Practitioners: Save 1 hour per patient using The Menopause Solution course to teach your patients about HRT for menopause (and more) . . .

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The Menopause Solution

To help women make their own HRT decision, I've created "The Menopause Solution," a digital course with simple, bite-sized videos that walk through menopause and hormones, step-by-step.

The Menopause Solution helps clear up confusion . . .

  • Easy-to-Digest
  • Jargon-Free
  • Available 24/7/365 on any device

The Menopause Solution is structured in a loose framework with 3 pillars . . .

  1. Stories - help women recognize "you're not alone" and "there is hope"
  2. Searches - the most frequently Googled questions around hormones and menopause . . . answered
  3. Studies- understand what the research says . . . and doesn't say about hormones and menopause

The Menopause Solution walks you through menopause and hormone replacement therapy in 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1: the basics about menopause and the hormones involved.
  • Step 2: common menopause symptoms and treatments for those symptoms
  • Step 3: the real risks of both taking hormones and not taking hormones (there are risks either way!)
  • Step 4: practical next steps

Hormone Providers Trust Me With Their Patients

I'm not a physician. But I am a licensed, trained pharmacist with decades of experience and multiple certifications that qualify me to teach patients about hormones.

I've been offering my Simple Hormones patient education subscription to physicians, nurse practitioners, and PAs all over the US, Canada, and the UK for the past 5 years. Providers pay me a yearly subscription fee and pass along my courses to their patients.

Dozens of providers have taught their patients using Simple Hormones patient education courses. Here are just a few . . .


Dr. Rhea Rogers in Wichita, KS (253+ patients)
Dr. Ben González in Silver Spring, MD (73+ patients)
Dr. Carri Drzyzga in Ottawa, ON (152+ patients)
Dr. Simran Rattan in Toronto, ON (95+ patients)
Dr. Seth Camhi in San Diego, CA (128+ patients)
Dr. Jason Wesley in Sedona, AZ (83+ patients)
Dr. Kathleen Katamura in North Stonington, CT (204+ patients)
Dr. Hank Martin in Lexington, SC (73+ patients)
Dr. Elisabeth Crisci in Qualicum Beach, BC (28+ patients)
Dr. Isabelle Martineau in London, UK (10+ patients)

Physicians Assistants

Charlie Wispert in Augusta, GA (191+ patients)
Jessica Lara
in Greenwood Village, CO (45+ patients)
Angela Greene in Savage, MN (97+ patients)

Nurse Practitioners

Agnes Lussier-Dow in Peterborough, ON (76+ patients)
Monica Bell in Salt Lake City, UT (23+ patients)
Karl Lambert in Wenatchee, WA (157+ patients)
Diann Lydell-Jones in Cicero, IN (130+ patients)
Lisa Grissim in Brentwood, TN (307+ patients)

(Over 5000 patients have enrolled in Simple Hormones through these and other hormone providers.)

What real women and experts are saying . . .

Jill Chmielewski, RN, BSN

Menopause Advocate & Certified Health Coach Pausing Together Community - 360° Peri to Menopause Support

Steve - I have taken many courses in my career, and your course [The Menopause Solution] is so well done. It's so digestible and understandable, and the stories are so relatable. You come off as a true subject matter expert, which is so needed for women who are new to HRT.  You have a very reassuring and trustworthy way of delivering education. I really love it!

Latisha Grady


If you are looking for "aha" moments, Steve's The Menopause Solution course has plenty.  Module 1, video 5--discussing menopausal weight gain--was one of those "aha" moments for me.  My [hormone] coaching call was full of others and led me to take immediate action on Steve's advice with my awesome functional primary doc.  All of Steve's content from the free YouTube videos to the deep dive this course offers are an answer to my prayers.  I echo all the other students of the course who praise the content's quality and its comprehensive brevity that makes it so rich but digestible.  It's hard to keep my comments brief about Steve's contribution to the improvement of my menopause journey. I loved the course!

Kim Heifner, FNP-C, MSCP

board-certified family nurse practitioner and menopause care specialist

I highly recommend The Menopause Solution to any woman seeking to better understand and manage her menopausal journey, as well as to any healthcare professional looking to enhance their knowledge of this important topic. These videos are a true gem, offering a comprehensive yet digestible exploration of menopause. Steve Goldring's expertise and passion for educating others shine through in every video.

 Join Jill, Latisha, Kim and many more in . . . 

The Menopause Solution digital course

"[Simple Hormones] videos have been . . . something I would have done if I had the capacity and the time and somebody did it for me and I’m so grateful . . .

When I see them for the consultation, I don’t have to spend a bajillion time trying to get them up-to-speed and putting away the false information they’ve received from their primary care provider or elsewhere. I can get into the consultation right then and there. I know that they’re up-to-speed because I do offer them the opportunity to ask any questions.

If anything . . . it saves me time. Everything you promised in your website - it’s so true.

It takes away that education piece. Sometimes I will add specific points to their particular situation. But I feel that they are brought to that level that’s, 'OK, let’s take it from here.' I don’t have to go all the way down and talk about how 'estrogen doesn’t cause breast cancer' and say it 15,000 times a year.

elisabeth crisci, MD

qualicum beach, bc

Lisa Grissim NP Nashville TN

"I'm watching these [Simple Hormones patient education] videos and am so so impressed!!! Great, great work!!!!"

lisa grissim, NP

brentwood, tn

Charles Wispert PA

"I would definitely recommend Simple Hormones. It's cut my time back. It's actually made it easier for me to get clients. When they call, I send them to that and they're blown away . . . cuz everything that they've heard . . . It helps bring them closer to getting healthier because it eases their mind and it answers a lot of questions. I'd recommend it for anybody and it's a bargain, I mean . . . I think.."

Charles Wispert, PA

augusta, ga

Robert Morgan APRN

"As you know, I send people every day to the Simple Hormones website. My patients love it and I get great feedback on your presentations. I cannot speak highly enough of you. Thank you for everything that you do and I value your service and try to promote you to every clinician I know."

robert morgan, aprn, acnp-bc

humble, tx

Joseph Albano, MD Simple Hormones subscriber

"I saw the brochures that you sent over and watched the video. Thanks so much for doing the video and making the website! They are very well done! (And I would expect nothing less from you!)"

joseph albano, md

cottonwood heights, ut

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About Steve Goldring, R.Ph.

As a pharmacist, licensed in Utah and Colorado, Steve Goldring, The Hormone Pharmacist, has been helping men and women with hormones for over 25 years. He's earned multiple certifications that required him to dive deep into hormone research. His patient education videos explain a complex topic in simple terms anyone can understand. Digital patient education courses reduce patient overwhelm and reinforce your teaching from the office visit.